Rewards Club

Welcome to Splashing Rock Rewards

…a Grand Dining Rewards Club

  • No fee to join.
  • Once a member, every dollar spent in Splashing Rock Restaurant or Lounge earns one point.
  • For each 100 points accrued in the restaurant, receive a $15 gift card.
  • For each 500 points accrued, receive one free night stay at Grand Superior Lodge.
  • “Happy Apps Hour” is open to members daily from 3:00-5:00pm:
    get 50% off your choice of one appetizer.
  • Complimentary wine and beer tastings.

Start accruing your points today to enjoy all the benefits and rewards. Ask for a member registration card at Grand Superior Lodge or sign up here. It’s so easy, we’ll keep track of your points and upon your next visit we will tell you when you have earned another $15 gift card.

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