Rewards Club

Welcome to Splashing Rock Rewards

…a Grand Dining Rewards Club

  • No fee to join.
  • Once a member, every dollar spent in Splashing Rock Restaurant or Lounge earns one point.
  • For each 100 points accrued in the restaurant, receive a $15 gift card.
  • For each 500 points accrued, receive one free night stay at Grand Superior Lodge.
  • “Happy Apps Hour” is open to members daily from 4:00-6:00 pm: get 50% off your choice of one appetizer or pizza.
  • Complimentary wine and beer tastings.

Start accruing your points today to enjoy all the benefits and rewards. Ask for a member registration card at Grand Superior Lodge or sign up here. It’s so easy, we’ll keep track of your points and notify you each time you have earned another $15 gift card.

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